How can I select the suitable size?

To help you find your size, we provide the measurement of our products in the description, please check and compare with your body measurement to select appropriate size. Excluding Aomame croptop, the remaining products are designed freesize, suitable for various body shapes. The dresses follow Japanese style trend so whoever from 1m5 to 1m7 can fit comfortably.

Where can I buy online?

Autunno currently provides the following online ordering channels:

  • Via Instagram: You can directly send Autunno your contact information and products you want to buy, then we will deliver them to you.
  • Via Autunno website: You can order through our online shopping system at 
Please tell me about the delivery fee

Delivery fee is calculated according to the policy of GHTK.

You can check the products before receiving:

  • After receiving, you can exchange the color and size within 7 days.
  • If you do not receive the products after checking, please pay the inspection fee and 30,000₫ shipping fee.

How do I pay for an online order?

You can choose one payment method of our shop from the following: Bank transfer (Vietcombank), Timo, Momo e-wallet.

Can I return or exchange?
  • In principle, Autunno only accepts and support exchanging the size and color of the same item. You can not exchange for another item.
  • The original items should be returned within 7 days after your order completed.
  • We will replace defective products from the fault of the manufacturer such as smudge, rips, etc.
  • Return and exchange are not applicable to items in the promotion programs.
How to refund and exchange? Please tell me about the fee to do so
  • You can send the items back to Autunno through Post Office, Viettel Post, GHN, GHTK, etc.
  • Autunno will pay the delivery fee for two ways if we made mistakes such as sending the wrong items, wrong size, wrong color, the fault of the manufacturer.
  • If the customer wishes to change the color or size that is different from the information of the previous order, the delivery fee for two ways will be paid by the customer.
I wonder whether Autunno offers international shipping

Autunno has already been considering using relationships and connections from Vietnam to host countries for delivery to international markets.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is quite difficult to directly delivery with air freight. However, do not hesitate to contact us, we will try to find the best way to support and give you the greatest shopping experience.

Customer help center

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly via our official Instagram account @autunno_vn or Email address 

Linen is a strong and sustainable textile that becomes more elegant after a long time using. However, to keep our products in the best quality, our Bellas should take a note of the following things:

  • We usually recommend ironing at low temperature, you can cover by another cloth to avoid the items getting shiny, dull, color burnt; avoid using steam a lot as it may leave ugly stains.
  • You should sort your laundry. Do not wash light and dark clothes together. Better wash with your hands or use laundry bags. A little dirt should be washed immediately as it is difficult to remove it after a long time.
  • Do not use strong detergents. You should wash gently as linen has a strong tendency to shrink and crease.
  • Better dry clothes immediately after washing to avoid wrinkles.
  • In particular, raw, shift and slightly stiff linen has been processed, so wash with warm water to soften it. The longer you wear, the more beautiful the textile looks with specific wrinkles of linen.