Autunno is a linen clothing brand with ready-to-wear designs to fit the environmentally friendly minimalism style. Autunno Vietnam is positively influenced by Japanese fashion as well as the Italian lifestyle to create proper products for Vietnam.

Autunno uses ginkgo embroidery instead of the regular tag to minimize unnecessary details, also emphasize Autunno’s brand mark.


Natsukashi Collection

Natsukashi in Japanese means a feeling by certain things like a scent or scenery that remind people of something in the past. This collection reminds us of the days living in Hokkaido, Japan, the most peaceful and free days. “Natsukashi Collection” includes: shirt, slacks, dress and versatile dress.

Limited Edition Items:
– Croptop Aomame (the fictional character in the 1Q84 series by Haruki Murakami) is a random design in early May exclusively for summer.

– Nam Phuong Dress (the last Empress of Vietnam) is a stylized dress from the one the Empress wore when she was young, which clearly expressed her sophisticated sense of fashion.

Nonbiri Top: “Nonbiri” means “carefree and at leisure”. And Autunno assures that is the exact feeling you get when you wear this top. “Áo Thảnh Thơi” is a product of improvisation before our brand new Fall collection, with 2 characteristics: Specially stylized with chiffon and 1 unique version made from high-quality linen. Handmade embroidery collab with le tho workshop from Dalat.

Aki Collection: Autumn leaves
Aki Collection’s Signature colors are wood brown, authentic Japanese autumn yellow-brown color of the dried ginkgo, and limon green of Vietnamese autumn. With the mood of the season Autunno stands for, Aki Collection is launched with the desire to bring the softest, the most simplistic and poetic feeling. On set “Aki”, then open the Autumn leaves or ’tis Autumn by Nat King Cole to feel the autumn in Autunno’s way.

Ichi Collection: In the mood for Europe
With the nostalgia about wonderful trips in the festive mood of a year with so many ups and downs, and existent emotions from romantic Europe, Autunno decided to “save” these in this new collection.

With 𝐈𝐜𝐡𝐢 (一 Unique), we give you simple designs, and the point is the textile and color emotions. In particular, all of the items have handmade-embroidery ginkgo with several creative ways of stitches, so there will be little duplication. Our Bellas can get from Autunno the “unique” items with a peaceful mood like walking on Monmartre hill on a winter day.





Enterprise Code: 5801439567
Date of issue: 03/08/2020 by Department of Planning and Investment of Lam Dong

Bank: Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank)

Phone number: 0799.854.458